Headed by founder and CEO Rahim Fazal, SV Academy is revolutionizing what a modern vocational school does.

In my first sales internship at a tech company, I vividly remember a successful colleague of mine describing how college failed to prepare him for his current job as a Senior Account Executive.

College was pretty pointless for me in getting a job. I don’t remember anything from undergrad other than having to work full-time to pay rent and tuition, while I squeezed in some partying. I didn’t know what sales was until it was the only job I could find. I haven’t looked back since.”

Since 1999, sales occupations in the labor market have grown from 12.9 million to…

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Hello Mrs. Rogers! This is Vinit and I’m calling for the Biden campaign reaching out to ask if you are registered to vote?

“Yes I am.

Fantastic. So happy you are. Mrs. Rogers, would you mind sharing who you intend to be voting for?

“I’ll be going with Trump.

Clank. Onto the next call. Mrs. Rogers had had enough of me.

This was the most common interaction I had during a majority of my calls across the Lone Star state I call home.

According to my unofficial Google Sheet count, most of the thousand plus calls I had were with…

LeBron has accomplished something ludicrous. He’s taken three franchises — the Cavs, Heat, and Lakers — to an astounding ten finals across a span of fourteen years, winning a total of four NBA championships.

That is bonkers. In the ring-chasing world the NBA is defined by, most hall-of-fame caliber players are satisfied to secure a single championship in their career.

For LeBron to have reached the Finals 70% of the time over 14 years is… so improbable and all the more impressive in a league loaded with the most talent its ever had.

Bird, Magic, and Jordan. The NBA’s titans. Image by Clutchpoints.

For context, oft-compared all-time greats stack up…

One of the things we can do to end this show is to vote out legacy politicians on both sides of the aisle who are addicted to power

Cirucs image by Christophe Boisson.

We’re a pompous bunch here in the United States of America. We love our red, white, and blue. We’re patriotic. We live by our founding principles of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Between 1776 and 2020, our moral values have evolved but our principles have largely remained the same.

Today, as we’re in the dawn of a contentious election, with two presidential candidates no one’s happy with, all sandwiched between a global pandemic, racial tensions, devastating climatic events, and a troubled economy, we find ourselves confused. Very confused.

Can we trust the media? Can we trust our politicians? Do…

Founder and CEO Byju Raveendran doing what he does best: teach. Image by Mathrubhumi.

Decacorn? Really? I know, I’m cringing at the term too. But that’s what the elite silicon valley crowd refers to for private startup companies that are valued at $10 billion or more. Only 20 in the world. So we’ll go with it.

Enter BYJU’s in the decacorn club.

This education technology company based out of Bangalore, India is absolutely crushing everything a startup’s supposed to be crushing.

Online learning platform UDemy has grown rapidly in popularity, focusing on practical skills in a nano-course certification format. Photo by Lewis on Unsplash.

‘MOOCs’ (Massive Open Online Courses) kickstarted a desperately needed evolution in making high-quality instructors and professors accessible to everyone. In Spring 2012, Andrew Ng & Daphne Koller co-founded Coursera, instantly providing unprecedented access into the realm of cutting edge topics like Machine Learning and Databases. Coursera emerged as the market leader, quickly followed by a healthy slew of competitors such as Udacity, edX, and UDemy.

2012 was dubbed as ‘The Year of the MOOC’ by The New York Times, and suddenly it appeared as if HigherEd was disrupted forever. With Stanford professors creating Coursera and Udacity, and Harvard + MIT…

This is not supposed to be controversial. This is not intended to be so hard to comprehend. This isn’t a matter of being democratic, republican, political, or apolitical.

This is about wanting REAL CHANGE with how black people are treated in America. Yet, in George Floyd’s case, in Ahmed Aubrey’s case, and in thousands of other instances over the last decade, we can’t seem to do anything that matters as a country. We just can’t.

Spare yourself of discussing of how a few bad police don’t represent the overwhelming majority of good-hearted police. …

The iconic tower on campus every student sees on their way to class everyday. Hard to miss, easy to love.

What an odd turn of events for the 4 million college seniors graduating this May; COVID-19, a flailing job market, and a foggy future await us. Not how it was supposed to turn out.

But, as I opened my Gmail in the morning on my phone last week, I read the most recent email from UT graduation manager alerting me to send in completed ‘graduation slides’ by May 10 if I wanted to be seen in the commencement presentation.

Weird? Yeah, I’d say so. The grandiose UT Austin Class of 2020 commencement celebration we envision has been reduced to a…

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announcing the CARES Act — Of which public companies have taken $1B of the allotted capital. Leaving many actual small businesses, barely breathing.

Recently, I’ve fallen inside a deep abyss of observing truths in American Society that I’ve had inklings about, yet have not stared at dead in the eye. In complete honesty, I’m disappointed. The trappings of what we understood to be fixtures of a reliable government, a semi-decent level of accountability and leadership from our municipal, state, and federal policymakers, and a lack of trust placed in the people who are in office, has ashamed me as an American.

From watching Dirty Money on Netflix featuring Jared Kushner’s predatory real estate track record to reading about the NSA’s expansive overarching powers

My team at Indeed. Motivated group who I learned so much from.

After a solid week of being home and reflecting on the summer that was, I look back at some of the highs and lows with appreciation. You really have to push the needle to see where your tolerance for achieving your ambitious goals actually lies. I sure as hell discovered that.

Coming into Summer 2019, my goal(s) were simple yet audacious: I wanted to see how much I could accomplish if I really dug in and had tunnel vision on going after these five things:

  1. Learn the foundation of sales at Indeed, feel comfortable talking to clients, & going through…

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